Windsurfing BEGINNER
The beginner windsurfing course is perfect for people who have never had the opportunity to stand on a wind surfboard and feel the fascination of sailing with the wind over the water. Our experienced teachers will help you learn this sport easy, safely and with a lot of fun.
  • Surfboard
  • Neoprene & Lycra
  • Insurances
Aim of the course:
You will learn essential safety rules, knowledge of material we use and how to rigg, knowledge of the wind and its curses, Sail- handling, correct positions on the board, Tack, go out & return on the same point
Dunkerbeck Windsurf School
Our intermediate course is ideal for all who already have some basic knowledge and want to go one step further in this wonderful sport or want to improve their knowledge.
  • Surfboard
  • Neoprene & Lycra
  • Insurances
Aim of the course:
Depending on your knowledge in this course you will learn to sail with harness, planning in the footstraps, Jibing, Duckjibe and much more.
Dunkerbeck Windsurf School
This offer is fitting for all abilities. Whether refreshing your surfing skills from the last vacation, learning or perfect a maneuver or you just give it a try for a surf course.
  • Surfboard
  • Neoprene & Lycra
  • Insurances
Aim of the course:
Depending on your level, we give you a first impression of this wonderful sport or we refresh existing Knowledge or we work together with you in progressing or learning a certain maneuver.


**PREMIUM: inkl harnes & wetsuit,

Actual material from Björn Dunkerbeck: slalom boards + wave + freeride of the brand STARBOARD, on request Foil, camber sails available, as well as Wave (Blade), Gator (freeride) & NCX sails (non cam sails) of the brand SEVERNE

 Standard Windsurf Material incl. Wetsuit (harness depends on availability)  Premium rental**
1 hour                 35,00 €           50,00 €
2 hours                 50,00 €           75,00 €
1 day                 60,00 €           95,00 €
2 days                 105,00 €        165,00 €
3 days               140,00 €       225,00 €
4 days               175,00 €        285,00 €
5 days               205,00 €        340,00 €
6 days               235,00 €        390,00 €
7 days               265,00 €        435,00 €
8 days               295,00 €        480,00 €
9 days               325,00 €        520,00 €
10 days               350,00 €        560,00 €
11 days               370,00 €        600,00 €
12 days               390,00 €       635,00 €
13 days               410,00 €        670,00 €
14 days               430,00 €        705,00 €
15 days               450,00 €        740,00 €
16 days               470,00 €        770,00 €
17 days               490,00 €       800,00 €
18 days               510,00 €        830,00 €
19 days               530,00 €       860,00 €
20 days               550,00 €        890,00 €
21 days               570,00 €        920,00 €



The Canary Islands are regarded as the European Hawaii. With pleasantly warm air and water temperatures throughout the year and excellent wind and wave conditions, Gran Canaria is not only home spot of many famous windsurfing world champions like Moreno Twins (Daida and Iballa), Philipp Köster and of course Bjorn Dunkerbeck it’s also the perfect place to learn windsurfing and be infected by the fascination of the sport.

The best windsurfschool is from the world champion!

Gran Canaria one of the most wind reliable places, and the island is certainly the windiest of all Canary Islands. Especially on the southeast coast where the trade wind is even accelerated by the landscape formation.

The wind in Playa del Aguila is usually sideshore from the left (East). From October to April there is at about 60 to 70% of the days enough wind for sailing (4-7 Bft), in May and June about 45% of all days and in September and promises the statistics 55%. The wind usually picks up between 11:00h and 12:00h. Before you’ll have time for a round with the Stand up Paddle board.

Especially in winter, the spot reveals all its charm! The trade wind comes more from the east and can enter completely. So you have perfect side shore conditions with a moderate to strong wind wave, which can develop with strong winds a corresponding Shore break.

But in summer the northeast trade wind often does not reach Playa del Aguila because the wind shifts in Castillo de Romeral on the Atlantic Ocean. Then is blowing a moderate onshore breeze from the south with ca.2-3Bft which allows especially the beginners to take their first steps on the windsurf board at the beach of Playa del Aguila.

Especially in summer when the northeast trade wind does not reach Playa del Aguila in the eastern part of the island the wind is blowing with strong 7-8 BF.
Intermediate and advanced windsurfer find strong winds in Arinaga (Bahia de Formas) one kilometer upwind from the famous world cup Spot "Pozo Izquierdo"
The spot Bahía de Formas is covered by a jetty and perfect to go fast with race gear and a gps-watch or is also a perfect place to bring your surf to the next level. Flat water and good wind conditions to learn waterstart, footstraps and or all kind of jibes)

Spots working especially well in the summer month from April-Septemberr (85-90% of days with wind over 20 knots)
Normal Wind Direction in Summer: North- North East
Average wind speeds in Summer: 20-35 knots (July can be days with 40/45knots)

Daily equipment rental or lessons thanks to our Truck: