GRAN CANARIA Pro-Am, be Cordial SUP Challenge

The third edition of the "Gran Canaria Pro-Am, be Cordial SUP Challenge" in Playa de Mogán and the coast of Gran Canaria once again demonstrated spectacular conditions for the practice of water sports in winter. Only a few places in the world can offer these sport- opportunities in the middle of December.

With 114 registered participants from 10 different countries the SUP European Championship once again concludes a successful edition. Organizer and 42-times windsurfing world champion Björn Dunkerbeck is already planning the 4th edition from 13th till 16th of December 2018 with the aim of growing in the next few years.

Save the dates & bring a friend or family- we will have a great time!

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We say thanks for a great "Gran Canaria Pro-Am, be Cordial SUP Challenge", for participating, cheering or following the action!

Dunkerbeck SUP Challenge, Gran Canaria pro am Dunkerbeck SUP Challenge, Gran Canaria pro am

 Dunkerbeck SUP Challenge, Gran Canaria pro am  Dunkerbeck SUP Challenge, Gran Canaria pro am

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