Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge- the Virtual Global tour 2021

Fin and Foil

"The Summer Edition" of the Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge is done!

this summer was epic

6 nations in the Top 10! Europe dominates the speed discipline
We have to go to the 5 position of the ranking to find the first non-European rider, our good old friend Chris Lockwood, a classic in the speed sailing world!
In the top 10 we can find nations such as Belgium, Holland, France, Australia, Switzerland  & Poland.
In total we had:

870 Windsurfer in the Overall Fin and 80 overall Foil Ranking! 42 Riders with 40kt+ sessions (=av. on 250m with 74 km/h and more), 40 Womans in the Fleet & 38 Kids under 18 years

GRAN CANARIA Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge has come to an end.

Challenge accepted!

incredible 870 windsurfers from 32 different Nations in the Fin and Foil ranking!

Conditions have not been easy- in Europe the riders had to deal with the coldest spring since decades and a snowing April but… and this it, what counts: also, strong winds for incredible speeds! Almost 50 riders with 40+ knots (average over 250m) on their gps!
The spots in the Netherlands had been the places to be really fast this spring.
Grevelingenmeer – Ouddorp Haven & Markermeer – Houtribdijk

In the top 5 of the open category, we have a lot of familiar faces and also some new riders for our ranking.

Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck
GC Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge

Top 3 Overall

Top 3 women

female winner Dunkerbeck speed Challenge

Our Tour is more global than ever

781 Windsurfer in the Fin Ranking!
We are happy to see a new record of participants in our ranking. Everyday more and more windsurfers are sharing the passion with us by posting their sessions in our Events.

30 different Nations
Once again the Netherlands crush the ranking with almost 400 sailors followed by close to 100 Germans, almost 50 surfers from Belgium, 41 from Sweden and 40 GB. We welcome also sailors from Hong Kong, Mauritius, Japan.

The other sensation is how hard are pushing the 86 sailors of the FOIL ranking!

The French Nicolas Goyard achieved incredible 36.42 knots (67,45 km/h) Average Speed over 250m. This is the fastest speed ever measured on a windsurf foil!

In second place is the French Florian MADEC with 34,61 knots av speed on 250m (64,11 km/h) followed on third by the German Gunnar Asmussen with 33,22 knots av. speed on 250m (61,53 km/h)

Congrats- stunning results!

86 Windsurfer in the Foil Ranking
Foils are becoming more and more popular especially in less windy regions. Also on the foil sailors want to go as fast as possible so we have every time more participants in the ranking.
17 different nations in Foil Ranking

2 Young Guns with both 11 years in Foil Ranking
Axel Espeli Blankholm (27,47 km/h av on 250m) & Julian Koldeweid (21,72 km/h on 250m)

28 Kids under 18 years

The fastest Young Gun was the 17 year old Belgian Cyril Evrard  with incredible 40.24 knots (74,53 km/h) over 250m

GRAN CANARIA Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge

For the Top 3 in all our categories of the Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge (Period 1) you can win cool trucker caps from Chris Benz, GoPro accessories, Daily Dose merchandising, AV Board ace masks, shirts & lenyards from Dunkerbeck

A participation is completely free of charge. You just need to create an account on www.gps-speedsurfing.com or www.gps-foilsurfing.com (same account is working on both websites)
By uploading your session on the platform you enter in the ranking.
DSC reserves the right of participation.

Allowed GPS Devices you’ll find on www.gps-speedsurfing.com 

Every registered windsurf spot is valid.
Just switch on your GPS, go to the water and sail as fast as you can.

Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge

Speed- surfing is for every windsurfer- no matter the spot, the gear or the age

Keep the spirit up and feel the sensation of going faster and faster.

Big Prices for the overall winners

Make sure that you don’t miss a period because at the end of the three events we’ll determine the overall winners of the Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge Virtual GlobalTour – who will receive the big prices from our sponsors.

So everybody starts to tune his gear because at the End of the year the three fastest of each category can win:

Thanks to our sponsors:

Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge Virtual Global Tour



… don’t forget to take part in all three online events:

Period 1: 01.04.2021- 31.05.21
Period 2: 01.07.2021- 31.08.21
Period 3: 01.10.2021- 30.11.21

Allowed GPS Devices you’ll find on HERE
Every registered windsurf spot is valid.
Just switch on your GPS, go to the water and sail as fast as you can.

How to register?

  • Participation is free of charge
  • Create an account on www.gps-speedsurfing.com or  www.gps-foilsurfing.com (same account is working on both websites)
  • By uploading your session on the platform you enter in the ranking.
  • DSC reserves the right of participation.


Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge



And the winner is…

Dunkerbeck speed challenge winner

Overall winner page 1

Overall winner page 2

Click here to see all detailed rankings

all overall rankings for all categories




More than 250 registered riders

from 21 different countries-  these are more than enough arguments to consider the Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge 2020 the most important virtual event worldwide.

Holland being the country with the most registrations, doubling the German participants, which is the second country with the highest number of registered and in third place Sweden. Also riders from Australia, USA or Namibia inscribed for the event.



Record Times

impressive 48.16 knots (av. on 250m)! That are nothing more and nothing less than 89.19km/h – the mark of the Belgian Vincent Valkenaers, winner of the event and the second period and with which he managed to break the draw he had with the Dutch Hans Kreisel, winner of the first period. Both riders are part of the world elite of the speed discipline and are regulars on the Luderizt canal, third place went to the Dutchman Jacques van der Hout.

In the women’s category, won the clear favorite Heidi Ulrich from Switzerland with a speed of 39.04 knots. The newcomer Kirsten Baas from the Netherlands who won the first period with 34.19 knots made it not as easy for Heidi.

Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge Overall Winner

66 years difference between the oldest and youngest!

Eugen Dunkerbeck the oldest rider with 76 years old who was the winner of the ULTIMATE ranking, In turn Julian Koldeweid from the Netherlands, with only 10 years old became the youngest participant and won his category.

This is a clear proof that in speed windsurfing there is no age limitation, a discipline in which grandparents can compete against their grandchildren and spend time together in the water.

GRAN CANARIA Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge in facts:

  • almost 300 subscribers
  • PWA Sailors in the Top 10
  • 21 different Nations (from USA, Afrika, Europe and Australia)
  • 27 woman
  • age range fom 10 till 76 years
  • 15 Juniors under 18

We are really stoked about the great variety

of sailors and the achieved speeds and we are looking forward tho the the next edition of the DUNKERBECK SPEED CHALLENGE coming up from the 01.10. let’s keep pushing!

Speedsurfing is for every windsurfer- no matter the spot, the gear, the age or wether you are professional or amateur as long as you enjoy it and feel the need for speed! Keep the spirit up and feel the sensation of going faster and faster.

Check the full rankings HERE

Thanks to our sponsors

Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge

Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge – Virtual WORLDWIDE Speed Windsurf Event

Period 1: 21.05.-21.06.20 / Period 2: 01.07.-31.08.20

This year, in this exceptional situation that the whole world is experiencing with all the limitations that are being imposed on us, we are happy to continue with the competition format that we have been carrying out since 2015 and to make it even more interesting for all windsurfers.

The online gps- based raceing format on www.gps-speedsurfing.com is a perfect way to compete and maintain the social distancing at the same time.

Dunkerbeck Gran Canaria

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions unfortunately the Defi –Event, where we are organiszing since six years “a race in the race” had to be postponed to next year but online we can compete!

Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck speed challenge 

To make it more accessible to all windsurfers in the world and because there are many more spots where you can do this distance, we decided to rank the fastest average speed on 250m.

Dunkerbeck Windsurfin

As a tribute to the Defi Wind we’ll have a first period from the 21st of May till the 21st of June and as an ADD ON a second period from the 01.07. till the 31st of August.

Because it’s also our main motivation to mobilize the entire windsurfing community and regain relative normality through our sport as soon as possible using current technology to compete together from any country in the world without traveling, while promoting windsurfing as an ecological sport and healthy lifestyle.

dunkerbeck speed 

Make sure that you don’t miss a period because the winners will be the ones with the fastest Average of the two rounds.

After being in lockdown for several weeks we are sure that we are all really looking forward to get back on the water.

Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge

Whats NEW this year?

this year we’ll also rank:

  • YOUNG GUNS (all kids under 18 years- from 2002 on)
  • GRAND MASTER+ (50 years+ born in 1970 and later)
  • FOIL

(what’s alpha race? A small explanation for those who do not know what it is, is to do a distance of 250mts a jibe and another 250mts back. The trick is that there can be no more than 50m between the starting point and the return point, and this is where the ability of the windsurfer to set the fastest round-trip course and tell you about the pass comes into play.)


So everybody starts to tune his gear because this year the fastest can win:

  • Cool Windsurf accessories from SEVERNE,
  • Premium memberschips from GPS-Speedsurfing.com,
  • Stylish clothing from Fuerte Action
  • and of cause, caps, lenyards and shirts from Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge


How to register?

Allowed GPS Devices you’ll find on HERE


Every registered windsurf spot is valid.

Just switch on your GPS, go to the water and sail as fast as you can.


Thanks to the support of:


…making the event Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge  possible one more year


Resumen DUNKERBECK Speed Challenge 2018:

Twan Verseput and Zara Davis World Champions

Windsurfing legend Björn Dunkerbeck and his son Liam on the podium


Twan Verseput from the Netherlands and the Englishwoman Zara Davis showed like last year the fastest runs over 250mts.

After a break of several days and a movement to the south of the island due to wind conditions , participants from all over the world were compensated for their patience. With wind of 25-35 knots. In three heats, the high-speed windsurfer Twan Verseput prevailed and he was able to defend his world title. In the ladies fleet Zara Davis was once again the fastest woman on the board in all the heats and celebrated her third World Cup title.


Podium ISWC World Championship Open

1º Twan Verseput (NED)
2º Andi Laufer (GER)
3º Bjorn Dunkerbeck (ESP)


Podium ISWC World Championship mujeres

1º Zara Davis (GBR)
2º Anne Schindler (GER)
3º Anja Kruse (GER)


Podium Dunkerbeck Speed Chall. “Father & Son“

1º Bjorn & Liam Dunkerbeck (ESP)
2º Oliver & Lea Schaarschmidt (GER)
3º Stephan & Pepe Krause (GER)


Podium Dunkerbeck Speed Chall. “Kids & Youth“

1º Aron Etmon (GBR)
2º Cyril Evrard (BEL)
3º Liam Dunkerbeck (ESP)

As in all Dunkerbeck Speed ​​Challenge events on the website www.gps-speedsurfing.com there is a global virtual ranking where all windsurfers who wish can participate for free from any beach in the world, using their GPS, uploading their speeds to this platform.

This time the top three of the virtual winners made their time in Fuerteventura:

1º Andi Laufer (GER) 38,87nudos
2º Oliver Schaarschmidt (GER) 35,88nudos
3º Patrick Oberlender (GER) 34,52 nudos


Foto galery Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge 2018 :

The objects of the ISWC are to promote and further the interests of the Speed Windsurfing Class throughout the world



Resumen 2017:

Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge 2017

Speeds new guard, dominate in Fuerteventura.

24 year old Dutch speed star Twan Verseput is the new ISWC speed world Champion. Twan together with a huge junior fleet of young talented sailors from around the world, were the stars of the Dunkerbeck GPS speed challenge.

The speed spot in Matas Blancas in the south of Fuerteventura once again delivered a fantastic week with challenging conditions that pushed the 55 strong fleet of men, women and kids to their limit. Conditions varied all week, from riders being maxed out on their smallest 5.0m sails and speed boards to the minimum wind limit slalom baoards and 7.8 m sails.

The surprise upset from the 1st heat was that 42 times world champion and the winner of the last 3 years at this event was not winning!. The young speed star from Holland, Twan was on form from the start. He then went on to win 3 of the 7 heats and 2nd place in all the rest, despite Bjorn using all his experience to fight back. Both he and the Strong man from Sweden, Markus Emanuelsson had to fight all week for the 2nd and 3rd place positions. With Bjorn on the last heat of the week taking 1st place and 2nd overall. As if to make a point, Bjorn achieved the fastest run of the week at 38.66 knots . The new world champion Twan had this to say at the prizegiving at the prestigious R2 Rio Calma hotel  “This is my 2nd time at this event, the Pro Am concept works great here and I would encourage anyone to come. When I was younger I never thought I would be competing with my hero Bjorn Dunkerbeck let alone beat him. I am still in shock“

Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge

The women’s fleet went more according to the form book. With the double world record holder Zara Davis from the United Kingdom winning all of her heats to become World champion for the 2nd year. This was despite strong challenges from her rival from last year Anne Schindler from Germany in 2nd place and attending her first speed event PWA rider Miriam Rasmussen in 3rd place. Zara said on winning her 2nd world title at this spot.“ I was super happy to win here again, the other girls are getting quicker every year and I can’t afford to take any round for granted“

Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge

The truely international fleet of riders from all over the world came together to create a very special vibe. Rivals on the water for sure but they offered support, encouragement and help to each other, to go faster and faster. The real stars of the show was the large youth and junior fleets with entries coming as far away as Canada and the youngest entrant, Ancor Sosa at 9 years old. They all performed brilliantly in some very tough conditions, out pushing hard for a hour at a time in their rounds without stopping. They drew some of the  biggest  smiles from their parents and admiration from the rest of the competitors and public. 1st youth place went to Jonas Thyme from Denmark and the fastest junior Alexa Escherich from Germany.

Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge

The last word must go to Bjorn Dunkerbeck the events founder and last years ISWC World Speed Champion.“ We are very happy with this years event, great vibe 4th time at this site and second time hosting the world championships. Congratulation to Twan, at half my age he just had more speed than me this time. But watch out, I will be back!“

Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge

Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge 2017

Photo Impressions

Here a few images from the actual Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge 2017.