MALE 150 € 175 €
FEMALE 100 € 125 €
UNDER 18 25 € 35 €
Canarian Championship 75 € -

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For the first time, the Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge will take place at the famous classic Speed Spot- Sotavento Beach!

A very fast spot with constant winds.

The fastest time on this spot: 44 kt on 500m & 46 kt Vmax by Björn Dunkerbeck.

dunkerbeck speed challenge

The Speed course will be 250m long with the option to extend it to 500m (depending on the conditions)

Dunkerbeck speed challenge

The official timing will be realized by video. That means each sailor has to have a SAIL NUMBER on Starboard tack according to the International windsurfing Rules (

 G1.2 Specifications

(a) National letters and sail numbers shall be in capital letters and Arabic numerals, clearly legible and of the same colour.

Commercially available typefaces giving the same or better legibility than Helvetica are acceptable.
(b) The height of characters and space between adjoining characters on the same and opposite sides of the sail shall be related to the board’s overall length as follows:
ISWA Sailnumber sizes
dunkerbeck speed challenge

Resumen Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge 2017

Speeds new guard, dominate in Fuerteventura.

24 year old Dutch speed star Twan Verseput is the new ISWC speed world Champion. Twan together with a huge junior fleet of young talented sailors from around the world, were the stars of the Dunkerbeck GPS speed challenge.

The speed spot in Matas Blancas in the south of Fuerteventura once again delivered a fantastic week with challenging conditions that pushed the 55 strong fleet of men, women and kids to their limit. Conditions varied all week, from riders being maxed out on their smallest 5.0m sails and speed boards to the minimum wind limit slalom baoards and 7.8 m sails.

The surprise upset from the 1st heat was that 42 times world champion and the winner of the last 3 years at this event was not winning!. The young speed star from Holland, Twan was on form from the start. He then went on to win 3 of the 7 heats and 2nd place in all the rest, despite Bjorn using all his experience to fight back. Both he and the Strong man from Sweden, Markus Emanuelsson had to fight all week for the 2nd and 3rd place positions. With Bjorn on the last heat of the week taking 1st place and 2nd overall. As if to make a point, Bjorn achieved the fastest run of the week at 38.66 knots . The new world champion Twan had this to say at the prizegiving at the prestigious R2 Rio Calma hotel  “This is my 2nd time at this event, the Pro Am concept works great here and I would encourage anyone to come. When I was younger I never thought I would be competing with my hero Bjorn Dunkerbeck let alone beat him. I am still in shock“

Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge

The women’s fleet went more according to the form book. With the double world record holder Zara Davis from the United Kingdom winning all of her heats to become World champion for the 2nd year. This was despite strong challenges from her rival from last year Anne Schindler from Germany in 2nd place and attending her first speed event PWA rider Miriam Rasmussen in 3rd place. Zara said on winning her 2nd world title at this spot.“ I was super happy to win here again, the other girls are getting quicker every year and I can’t afford to take any round for granted“

Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge

The truely international fleet of riders from all over the world came together to create a very special vibe. Rivals on the water for sure but they offered support, encouragement and help to each other, to go faster and faster. The real stars of the show was the large youth and junior fleets with entries coming as far away as Canada and the youngest entrant, Ancor Sosa at 9 years old. They all performed brilliantly in some very tough conditions, out pushing hard for a hour at a time in their rounds without stopping. They drew some of the  biggest  smiles from their parents and admiration from the rest of the competitors and public. 1st youth place went to Jonas Thyme from Denmark and the fastest junior Alexa Escherich from Germany.

Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge

The last word must go to Bjorn Dunkerbeck the events founder and last years ISWC World Speed Champion.“ We are very happy with this years event, great vibe 4th time at this site and second time hosting the world championships. Congratulation to Twan, at half my age he just had more speed than me this time. But watch out, I will be back!“

Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge

Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge 2017

Photo Impressions

Here a few images from the actual Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge 2017.